As part of its University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI), which was launched in June 2018, Ripple Announces 11 New Partnerships. Ripple’s new UBRI partners are:

  • Carnegie Mellon University;
  • Cornell University;
  • Duke University;
  • Georgetown University;
  • University of Kansas;
  • University of Michigan;
  • Morgan State University;
  • National University of Singapore;
  • Northeastern University;
  • University of Sao Paulo; and
  • Institute for Fintech Research, Tsinghua University

Ripple’s announcement says “will utilize UBRI resources in unique ways, developing curricula and expanding or launching courses, hosting conferences and awarding scholarships to faculty and students pursuing work in blockchain, cryptocurrency, digital payments and related topics, to prepare the next generation of engineers, business leaders, entrepreneurs and other professionals to apply these technologies in practice” as well as “to increase positive awareness of the transformative impact that blockchain technology will have across all industries.”

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