First of all I never implied, as you have put it in your feedback that Blockchain has achieved mainstream adoption… the headline reads “gradually moving towards mainstream adoption” & the final line says “not if but when”. Thanks for providing the stats but you should also know how long did it take for these tech giants to gain those followers. FYI, WeChat got to 1 billion users in a mere 7 years (chart below), so adoption is not a life long process, certainly not in this day & age — took TV 50 years, Internet 20 years, Smartphone 10 years. My friend, we live in a technology driven world with exponential growths, increased use cases & even faster adoption. And while I agree that Blockchain has some inherent flaws which needs to fixed and it is not a panacea for all ills, but you need to open up your mind to see how solutions to rectify these short comings are being created. And trust me you are going to see more skyscrapers like the one below in this “technological ghost town” despite what “Blockchain Enthusiasts” like me or “fierce skeptics” like you have to say.

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