Dubbed ‘EXAM’, more than 20 hospitals across the world used the future tech to predict COVID-19 patients’ oxygen needs

Drug discovery is a strenuous task and requires analyzing copious amounts of data followed by animal & human trials before even being considered by the health authorities for use in the general population. …

Diagram showing Lucy’s path (in green) as it visits asteroids within the two Trojan clumps — Image Credit: Southwest Research Institute


NASA’s mission Lucy is set to explore these enigmatic asteroids which are parked in Jupiter’s orbits

Humanity is expanding its horizons in the quest for a better understanding of the making of our universe and the evolution of life on our planet and possibly elsewhere. Earlier I wrote about how the Japanese space agency (JAXA) is sending a mission to Mar’s moons when everybody else is…

Newly constructed proliferating peptide droplet — Image credit: Muneyuki Matsuo, Hiroshima University


A team of Japanese researchers believes they have found the missing link between Chemistry & Biology in the origins of Life

Scientists have been looking to find the most enduring mysteries of all — how life emerged on Earth from a sludgy mix of organic molecules that existed on our planet a long time ago. …

Image Credit: Visual Capitalist


The state of Financial markets & Economies, Weekly Charts, Business Trends & Statistics

It was a solid first week of Q3 earnings as the largest U.S. banks posted another robust round of quarterly results. This led the S&P 500 to wrap up its best week since July, closing at its highest level in a month. U.S. equity markets closed out the week with…

Credit: kaptnali, Getty Images/iStockphototo


Comparitech analysis shows that hackers can be hired to break into social media accounts, erase debts & even change students’ grades

Back in June, I touched base on the emerging model of Ransomware as a Service (RaaS), which brings together developers, dark web gangs, low-level attackers, and distributors among others to make it an extremely lucrative deal for all players involved. …


The Defi Index features countries with developed crypto markets and strong professional & institutional markets ranked at the top

Cryptos have been on fire lately as the premier digital coin approaches its previous all-time high around $64.8k, reached in mid-April. At the time of writing, BTC is trading close to $62.4k. A spate of good news this week has precipitated this sudden bullish momentum in the digital assets —…

Image Credit: Credit: Hybrid Photonics Labs at Skoltech


This extremely energy-efficient optical switch can replace electronic transistors in the next-gen computers

While recent chip innovations have led us on a path to smaller, lighter & highly efficient computers, physical limitations would eventually stall this progress. Until the time when quantum computers become a reality, scientists are doing a pretty job of increasing the processing power of chips within the current limitation…

Image Credit: UNC-Chapel Hill


Not only does this innovation replace the needle that so many are reluctant to take, but it also invokes a stronger immune response

One of the many reasons that people have been unwilling to take the vaccine shot in the current pandemic is that they are afraid of the needle. Although oral medicine to treat the virus might be available in the future, the vaccine shot is currently our best bet to controlling…

The winged microchip is made up of electronic components at the center, with three wings that catch the wind — Image Credit: Northwestern University


These flight-enabled microchips could monitor air pollution, airborne disease & environmental contamination

Electronics have evolved tremendously over the years —reduced size and increased performance of chip technology have opened new avenues of innovation. Microchip systems have already made some great breakthroughs in the healthcare field and it doesn’t stop there. …

Artist’s impression of the MMX spacecraft exploring the Martian moons — Image Credit: JAXA


JAXA’s MMX mission scheduled to launch in 2024 will focus on the Red Planet’s satellites Phobos and Deimos

Mars has taken center stage in the next stage of human space exploration. This year has already seen three space missions arrive at the Red Planet — UAE’s Hope mission, China’s Tianwen-1, and NASA Perseverance rover. …

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