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The social media giant has a horrendous record with privacy and this might be another attempt at cashing in on the user data

Time and again, we have seen that the big techs have failed miserably when it comes to protecting users’ privacy — Amazon, Microsoft, Apple & Google, and Facebook all have been found guilty of mishandling the personal data of the users. The social media giant remains most under the radar for privacy mishaps since it stands to benefit the most from user data. Ad revenue is by far the biggest income generator for the social media giant — targeted ads based on personal information provided by the users on its platform become the key component of this model.

This is…

An Artist’s impression of a Hycean world, resembling a water-logged mini-Neptune — Image Credit: Amanda Smith, University of Cambridge

This new class of exoplanets identified by astronomers could be the best bet of finding life outside our solar system

Looking for liquid water on other worlds, something that is considered a rare occurrence has been one of the main premises in our quest for alien life. This hypothesis has weakened considerably over the years, considering the fact that not only have we found multiple instances of the presence of water within our own solar system — more importantly, the discovery of life in extreme environments on our own planet has provided enough evidence that we need to rethink this theory.

Also, a lot of people equate the existence of life in some sort of human form. When scientists &…

Tiny chips called ‘neurograins’ are able to sense electrical activity in the brain and transmit that data wirelessly — Image Credit: Jihun Lee

Researchers have taken a key step towards designing a new concept for a futuristic BCI system

Apart from the controversial aspects of a Brain-computer interface (BCI) like its invasive nature and nefarious players getting their hands on it to hack the brain, the futuristic tech can have some great applications — especially in the healthcare industry. Elon Musk’s lavishly funded & perhaps the most well-known BCI company Neuralink was in the news earlier this year, where a monkey was playing a game of Pong with his mind.

While Neuralink is yet to take a jump from animal trials, another small biotech Synchron has gotten the green light from U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to begin…

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Generally, our brains are wired to respond faster to visuals but people usually follow these types of learning methods

If there is one passion that I have had all my life — it is learning. And if I were ever to give a piece of advice to anyone, it would be to become a Life long learner. Having said that, learning has taken a whole new dimension in the last year and a half, as most of the global population had switch to online models. Although there are people like me, who are really comfortable with online learning, it’s entirely a different story for school-going kids — who also long for parent-teacher interaction and sharing ideas with classmates.


Artist’s impression of ghost particles moving through a quantum spin liquid — Image Credit: Jenny Nuss/Berkeley Lab

Scientists have taken the clearest picture yet of ‘Spinons’ — particles that make up a mysterious magnetic state called a quantum spin liquid (QSL)

Looking at all the recent advances we have made in quantum computing, leads me to believe that we are at a tipping point when it comes to developing fully functional quantum machines which exhibit great promise for the future of computing. This year we have moved on from taking small steps in the field to giant leaps. One of these leaps that I talked about recently was a major advance that enabled researchers to control millions of qubits simultaneously. You can find links to some of the other recent developments in quantum computing in this previous article of mine.


SEND packages are introduced to diseased cells to deliver therapeutic mRNA and restore health —Image Credit: McGovern Institute

They developed a system called ‘SEND’ which can be programmed to encapsulate and deliver different RNA cargoes

It has increasingly become evident to scientists that the future of healthcare lies in targeted medicine — at the cellular level. Not only would this kind of treatment be highly effective, but it also would not cause a wide range of problematic side effects that we encounter currently. Although we might be some way off from that reality, the good news is that researchers are employing next-gen technologies to experiment with these futuristic treatments. And some of them have been groundbreaking.

Recently, I talked about a system called ‘MANiAC, which has the capability of delivering medicinal payloads within our nervous…

Artist’s impression showing the asteroid 2021 PH27 inside Mercury’s orbit

Designated as 2021 PH27, the tiny space rock travels around the Sun in only 113 Earth days

Asteroids are the most well-known cosmic objects and are found abundantly in our solar system. They are the rocky remnants left over from the early formation of our solar system. According to NASA, the currently known asteroid count is about 1,113,527. The biggest collection of these rocky objects could be between Mars and Jupiter within the main asteroid belt. Asteroids range in size from Vesta — the largest at about 329 miles (530 kilometers) in diameter — to bodies that are less than 33 feet (10 meters) across.

One of these asteroids, Hygiea, was named the smallest dwarf planet in…

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The state of Financial markets & Economies, Weekly Charts, Business Trends & Statistics

September is living up to its reputation as the worst month for U.S. stock market returns so far, but the selling has not been extreme. This was evident in the quick reversal that we saw on Friday. The Nasdaq fell the most (-0.87%) led by Apple, which was hit by unfavorable court ruling — something we will talk about later in this issue. The major averages closed logged five straight losing days for the first time since February & their worst week since June. While U.S. markets sold off this week, the selling was orderly and far from extreme.


An aerial view of Hellisheidi Geothermal Park in Iceland — Image Credit: Arni Saeberg

The plant has the capacity to suck 4,000 tonnes of Carbon dioxide annually & and turn it into stone underground

Every little step in the right direction counts towards a more sustainable future for our future generations. And it gives me great pleasure to report the world’s largest CO₂ sucking Plant going online. Endeavors like this give us hope that not all is lost for humanity when it comes to working towards a greener, healthier & environmentally sustainable planet. The IPCC’s report has come at a time of shattered temperature records and terrifying fires and floods.

And it has certainly been an eye-opener. Even the harshest of critics of Climate Change are beginning to realize that man-made catastrophes are on…

An array of 90 tubular nano-biosupercapacitors (nBSCs) on the fingertip enable autarkic operation of sensors in blood — Image Credit: Research Group, Prof. Dr. Oliver G. Schmidt

Smaller than a speck of dust, it presents a biocompatible energy storage device for sensor applications in blood vessels

When it comes to micro & nano-level electronics, it is pretty obvious by now that they have great applications for the future — especially in the healthcare industry. And for those who follow my blog would probably recognize that this is one of my most favorite topics to write about. I mean what better use case of technology than to treat tons of diseases and ailments plaguing humanity right now. The development of mRNA vaccines for the current pandemic has really shown the way for the future.

It was only about a couple of weeks that I reported on Microbots…

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